Happy New Year 2021 - Musubi Furoshiki appeared on TV commercial of KFC -

Finally, 2020 is over and MUSUBI is back!

New Year’s Day may be the most celebrated days in the world though it was not the same like usual.
How did you celebrate the New Year?
In Japan, there are customs to eat Soba (蕎麦)on new year’s eve and "Osechi-ryōri" (お節料理)which consists of little dishes
inside a box called "Ojuu-bako" (お重箱)are traditional Japanese New Year foods. Furoshiki are of course used for wrapping
"Osechi" as some of you may know.

Has anyone seen the TV commercial of KFC "Ojuu-bako" (ケンタお重)?

The furoshiki the woman is holding is 90 Polyester Amunzen Reversible | Fine Sharkskin Pattern / Sakura Red/Yellow
This is wrapped using Two Vertical Knots so that you can enjoy both sides at the sight of furoshiki wrapping.

This series has colour and size variations: 45cm, 70cm, 90cm.
Click here to see the collection.
The surface is a “Same komon” design (Fine shark skin pattern) and
the back is a “Kozakura” design (Tiny sakura pattern) ; allowing its use in both ways.
It’s perfect to keep "Ojuu-bako" looking neat, as well as that, it helps to send your devotion and sincerity.
(Furoshiki is selflessly sweet in its hearts without a touch of shame, malice or irony 😊)
Please choose furoshiki that suits your purpose.

2020 has been a remarkably tough and frustrating year for a lot of people.
We hope something good will come of it and everyone can start 2021 a little sweeter.