Animal Zodiac Sign 2024 Dragon Launches

The next year's animal zodiac sign is "Dragon".
2024 is the year of the Kinoe-tatsu(甲辰), they hope that many people's dreams will come true.
"Dragon" is only imaginery creature of all animal zodiac signs.

6 new products

  • 1. 68 Isa Monyo Oriental Zodiac Dragon
  • 2. 50 Shiki no Irodori Dragon, Calender Red
  • 3. 50 Shiki no Irodori Dragon, Jewel Red
  • 4. 70 Hare Tsutsumi Dragon Red
  • 5. Animal symbols gauze hand towel Dragon
  • 6. Animal symbols gauze handkerchief Dragon

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*Japanese only

68 Isa Monyo Oriental Zodiac Dragon

isa monyo oriental zodiac dragon


This is a collaborated art with the Isa-monyo laboratory. From the showa period 20's (late 1940's), a number of patterns and designs have been recreated using traditional techniques.
The strong dragon with a gold pearl colorant adds an inspiration of celebration.
Clouds with aupicious patterns are dynamically depicted.

50 Shiki no Irodori Dragon, Calender Red

dragon calendar



The dragon is said to be the growth form of a carp.


The dragon is a much-loved symbol of success in life.

50 Shiki no Irodori Dragon, Jewel Red

dragon jewel


aupicious patterns

A collection of treasures which is said to bring good fortune and a crane and turtle features a symbol of longevity are surrounded by a jewel.

dragon face

A dragon and jewels signifying good luck

70 Hare Tsutsumi Dragon Red

dragon diagonal



This dragon simply forms the kanji of '寿' means 'longevity'.


The background depicts a 'scaly pattern', which is meant to ward off evil spirits, and a 'seven treasures pattern', which is a symbol of good relationships and harmony.

Animal symbols gauze hand towel/handkerchief Dragon

Animal symbols gauze hand towel

Gauze hand towel 650yen

Animal symbols gauze handkerchief

Gauze handkerchief 400yen

aupicious patterns


3 significant lucky motifs

Treasure ship
The dragon treasure ship floating on the wave loads a collection of treasures.
It is a symbol of good luck and wealth.

Crane and Turtle
They are a signature of longevity.
Cranes are known as a symbol of a happy couple.

Mt. Fuji
The combination of Fuji proudly spreads its foot of mountain along with the first sunrise is filled with full of happiness.

Launch date: August 10, 2023 (JST)
*Limited quantity

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