Chou musubi 10th anniversary new products

In 2013, "Chou musubi" was born by minä perhonen and MUSUBI.
New designs which put on the fresh atmosphere are ready for 10th anniversary.

The new products have been launched at MUSUBI Kyoto and MUSUBI Tokyo shops as well as at call and minä perhonen koti from Wednesday, 26 July 2023 on the ahead of the general release date.


100 Water-repellent minä perhonen | pleasure herb Light blue
4,800 yen

pleasure herb Light blue

The overflowing sense of happiness with a travel to Scandinavia is depicted in the motifs of a field which were viewed there.
This is put some thoughts wishing you full of happiness whenever or wherever you spread the textile.

100 Water-repellent minä perhonen | sea lace Black
4,800 yen

sea lace Black

This textile expresses the soft waves lapping on the beach in a series of simple arcs.
To make it interesting to use as a furoshiki, a plain black portion was deliberately created.
This feature adds a fun of creating various expression by changing a way of wrapping.

New design "pleasure herb" and "sea lace" are available in two sizes: 70cm/27.6" and 100cm/39.4". (2,500 yen)

70 pleasure herb
70 sea lace

The Chou musubi has never had a 70 cm/27.6" water-repellent, and was born out of customer feedback that they also wanted a size that was easy to use as a small bag.

Recommended uses:

- A small capacity bag for daily shopping
- Wrapping wine bottles and gift boxes
- A bag for a change of clothes for the gym or organizing a belonging in your travel bag

[New Color] 100 Water-repellent minä perhonen | hana hane Green
4,800 yen

hana hane Green

The artwork “hana hane” was drawn with the thoughts like flowers and like feathers. (“hana” means a flower and “hane” means a feather in Japanese.) The color was composed with the image that vivid butterflies are fluttering in the deep forest. The green is deliberately dyed with the different shades to reproduce the artwork originally drawn by watercolors.

[New Color] 100 Water-repellent minä perhonen |letter of flower Green
4,800 yen

letter of flower Green

The flowers are drawn with a fountain pen are expressed in the transparent crisp green.
The color scheme reminds of the fresh grasslands. Easy to use as a fashion or home décor item, and popular as a gift.

The two new colours of the existing patterns are only available in 100cm/39.4".

Organic Cotton

A new design will be added to the organic cotton range of Chou musubi. Available in 2 colors for 2 sizes 70cm/27.6" and 100cm/39.4"

100 minä perhonen Organic Cotton soffione Green, soffione Yellow
4,500 yen


“soffione” is “dandelion” in Italy.
Dandelions bloom like the dancing sunlight over the tree leaves waving its long stems in the wind and they stand for the love of sincerity.
This is the perfect textile for a gift.

70 minä perhonen Organic Cotton sora check Navy blue, sora check Black
2,000 yen

sora check

A series of squares is drawn one by one even though it looks like a simple plaid pattern. You will sense the trace of hand painting.

Thin fabrics are selected for easy wrapping.

Cotton Gauze Reversible

The Gauze dyed on both sides is made from soft cotton gauze with a charactaristic of the fluffy texture.

It has been a long-seller since the beginning of the collaboration that this is well harmonized MUSUBI's signature double-sided dyeing technique with mina perhonen's designs.

cotton gauze reversible

10years ago, when we started collaborating with Akira Minagawa, the reversible furoshiki became a part of the collaborated collections between musubi and mina perhonen because he liked the double sided furoshiki “Isa-monyo” which dyed by the technique which is not seen over the clothing materials.

[New Colors] 100 minä perhonen Reversible | hana hane Dark green/Beige, karakusa Blue/Beige, run run run Pink/Moss green
4,500 yen

hana hane runrunrun

“hana hane” expresses the light atmosphere using the contrast of deep green with soft beige with an accent of mint color.

“run run run” expresses the light and fun atmosphere arranging the lemon colored rabbits and using pastel pink and watery green on each front and back side.

“karakusa” depicts the arabesque patterns in light blue which give the image of clouds and aqueous surface using the contrast of smoky blue with beige. This is suitable for any purposes by its neutral impression.

50cm/19.7in (1,300 yen) is also available.

small size mina perhonen reversible
Launching on August 18 (JST) online