Furoshiki SDGs LIFE 2023 in Kyoto
Experience sustainable and enjoyable life with furoshiki!
Before the words "eco-friendly" and "SDGs" were invented, Furoshiki were used in people's daily lives. Why are furoshiki now being re-evaluated and attracting attention from Japan and other countries?
Through workshops and participatory experiences, how about finding "hints for a sustainable life" in your own way?

What's available?

furoshiki shop
furoshiki customize
Covered button
Stamp ralley

The upcycled furoshiki sticker and fabric scraps will be used for both workshops Furoshiki Customization and Covered button broach & Hair elastic Making.


We have launched a project to reuse furoshiki that are unused at home in schools.

Together with everyone, we want to pass on the environmentally and people-friendly furoshiki culture to the next generation.


Date and Venue

Date: May19,20,21, 2023
10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.

Entrance fee: Free

Venue: The Museum of Kyoto Annex

Hosted by the executive committee of Furoshiki SDGs LIFE

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