The process until the furoshiki is ready

We have wanted to show how MUSUBI Furoshiki are created.
Finally, we are ready to share the first video to present it. 

Hope you will enjoy it. 

The process until the furoshiki is ready, and people involve in the Furoshiki manufacturing.
MUSUBI has been creating Furoshiki in accordance with the times along with many curated artisans and craftsmen. 

Furoshiki used to be made out of a fabric roll of Kimono.
We can find the leftover of the history on the unsewn edge of furoshiki. Only the top and bottom edges neede to be sewn back then because the width of fabiric of Kimono is directly used to make a furohsiki, and the edges are already nicely processed.
Sewing each four hem is becoming a mainstream in these days.
The design and usage have been changing gradually time by time.
However, we still follow the same flow as the past to creat a Furoshiki.

We will be inovating the style of furoshiki to protect the cultural aspect as well as the artisans.