We appreciate your continued support of MUSUBI.
We will be making a small price adjustment to some of minä perhonen products.
This price increase will take effect on July 26th (JST).

minä perhonen 50

50 mina perhonen Cotton Gauze Reversible
1,250yen to 1,300yen

minä perhonen 100

100 mina perhonen Cotton Gauze Reversible
4,300yen to 4,500yen

minä perhonen

Water-repellent Recycle
4,500yen to 4,800yen

minä perhonen

Akira Minagawa began the brand in 1995. They produce the original textile of a fashion brand and also product design.
"minä" is in Finnish as the pronoun "I" in English. The word "perhonen" means butterfly in English, or ChouChou in Japanese.