Furoshiki Bag An Ecological Choice

Have you ever experienced a self-conflict over fashion?
Perhaps, you internally chose a major “Sustainable Fashion Management” whereas you like fashion. You may have ended up arriving in the middle of nowhere where there is nothing to buy at the end of a lot of self-discussions.

Can furoshiki be a sustaible choice?

Furoshiki is timeless. The long history provides the evidence.
It has been with us over 1200 years.
You don’t have to change it by trends.  

In a perspective of circular economy principles in fashion, furoshiki bags have potential as an ethical choice.

1. eco-friendly ?

Even if you no longer use your furoshiki as a bag, it plays other rolls. For instance, it can be an organizer when packing your clothes for traveling, or a tablecloth, cushion cover, etc.
A worn-out furoshiki may end its role as a cleaning cloth. Otherwise, it may travel to a recycle box in order to get reincarnated.

masaru furoshiki bag
masaru tablecloth


2. Not only eco-friendly but also sophisticated

As you know, Musubi furoshiki is particulary designed to be wrapped or tyed.
It is very important for furoshiki how it looks when they are used not only as a flat cloth but also as a wrapping cloth. That’s why Musubi’s furoshiki is beautiful even when it turns into a bag.

In fact, for instance, the traditional concept that the eye-catching design is to be located on the bottom right; called "Omogara(主柄)" is still alive. This concept of design makes furoshiki beautiful when it's wrapped.
If you have your own one, please check.

design developement


 All are made in Japan. The techniques of producing furoshiki have been succeeded from the past, artisans to artisans. Our furoshiki has several procedures that have to go through to become a single furoshiki cloth.



3. How can furoshiki turn into a bag?

There are several techniques to make a furoshiki bag.
Firstly, let's take a look at bags which are made out of only a single furoshiki by size.

Click the link below to see tutorial videos.

70cm drop bag

70cm/27.6in Drop bag

90cm Odekake bag

90cm/35.4in Odekake bag

100cm/39.4in One Strap Bag

100cm/39.4in One Strap Bag

Find your favorite styles of furoshiki bags and add variations.

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  • Options of furoshiki bags

    Furoshiki bag with accessories

     There are some detachable handles for furoshiki.
    These make it easy for you to start a furoshiki bag. Change the furoshiki matching your outfits.

    ichigo bag

    Bag Rings

    patchin ring

    Patchin and Ring

    patchin bag 100cm

    Furoshiki Patchin


    For everyone anywhere in the world

    Furoshiki bags will keep company with you anywhere you go because they are foldable and portable. You can even put it into your pocket when untying your furoshiki bag.

    Despite your age or gender, furoshiki opens its door for you. They used to be an essential item for everyone’s life in Japan in the past. It was a matter of fact to own at least one furoshiki by an individual.
    For kids, it can be a creative backpack. It is a pleasure for us if you connect with your child through furoshiki play.
    Select the size and design matching up to your styles.

    Find your own

    mens fashion
    kids fashion



    Water-repellent furoshiki bags -the collection is called "AQUQ DROP"- are very useful as a grocery bag.
    It allows you to put cold beverages, fresh veggies or a bunch of flowers.

    It can protect your favorite bag from the rain, too.

    We developed water-repellent furoshiki made out of sustainable materials such as organic cotton or recycle polyester.

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  • bagcoat
    water repellancy
    water repellent bag