Report on Furoshiki SDGs LIFE 2024

We had 1,809 visitors over the course of three days.

We'd like to report on the 3rd hosting of Furoshiki SDGs LIFE 2024.

The theme is "BORDERLESS".

This theme reflects the idea that the simple square cloth, Furoshiki, has no limits on who can use it or how it can be used. We parepared the envent to ensure that people in wheelchairs could feel free to visit.

This year two complanies, 'Nursing Create' amd 'FLOWSHIKI,' took part in the planning as members of the Furoshiki SDGs LIFE Committee.

The event provided a great opportunity for us to discuss various topics with our clients, public administrations, and educational insititutions.

More details of the installation

More people visited the event compared to last year, and thirty percent of visitors partipated in the stamp rally.

We received delightful feedback that some visitors attended because they enjoyed the event last year.

The visitors included not only Japanese guests but also people from the United States, Europe, Taiwan, and more.

A Giant Symbol Tree

This year, a new version of the Furoshiki tree appeared.

Visitors stopped by the tree and look up various furoshiki designs on the ceilling. Many visitors took pictures, especially those from outside Japan who were particularly interested in photographing the 'Ukiyo-e' designs.

Furoshiki Workshops themed around 'Disaster Prevention' and 'YOGA'

Furoshiki Workshop

We hosted special workshops, inviting tutors from our committee, and held 'Furoshiki Disaster Prevention' and 'Furoshiki Yoga' sessions. Both were so popular that we needed a waitlist.

In the workshop presented by MUSUBI, we introduced the practical use of furoshiki with baby strollers and wheelchairs.

Ms. Oshiguri from 'Nursing Create' spoke on the topic of 'Furoshiki Disaster Prevention.' As a public health nurse, she shared her knowledge and experience with the audience, explaining how 100 cm and 150 cm furoshiki can be useful during disasters and at evacuation centers.

In the workshop 'Furoshiki Yoga,' the president of FLAWSHIKI, Ms. TABATA Rika, spoke. She led a session on relaxing yoga that can be done without any physical or mental pressure, using their original furoshiki. During the event, the venue was filled with soothing aroma steam, which helped to relax the guests.

The first collaborative workshop with a welfare facility

hariko workshop

We hosted 'Hariko Paint Workshop' with 'GoodJob' Center KASHIBA' together, which is the related facility to Able Art Company who works with us upon 'Artbrut Furoshiki.'

Hariko dolls were shaped in various animals using 3D printer. Participants colored with post colors and seal MUSUBI's upcycled stickers around them. The participants from young to adult freely crated a colorful their own Hariko dolls.

Adorable products which were created by workers from welfare facilities were linedup on the store.

Re furoshiki: Furoshiki Reuse Project

 Twelve Furoshiki were brought in this year! We appreciate everyone who donated them.

Last year, we sent the furoshikis for reuse to a high school in Shimane Prefecture and to sturents in Finland. They utilized them for Japanese cultural events. The furoshikis that were no longer used at home found new life and made a fresh impression across countries and generations.

We will continue to support activities at educational facilities to pass on 'The Culture of Furoshiki' to the next generations.


Voices from Visitors

・A teacher from an after-school care center:
"I want to host a Furoshiki Workshop at after-school care centers because it is definitely useful when going abroad."

・A couple from Australia:
"Japanese culture is wonderful, and Furoshiki is the best. We can find a square cloth everywhere in the world, but no country uses it in such a way. I think Furoshiki will be accepted in Australia as well."

・A family with elementary school kids:
"We participated last year, and my son got into it. We are here this year to learn more wrapping techniques."

・Guests of the Furoshiki Workshop:
"It is quite nice because they are light, free-formed, and have good designs. I wish to wrap a gift in a flower wrapping."
"At first sight, it seemed complicated, but it was surprisingly easy and fun."
"I want to keep a furoshiki in my bag all the time."
"I was satisfied that I could learn some useful techiniques for disaster prevention as I've been concerend about earthquakes."

It hit home we could share the versatility of Furoshiki not only from the perspective of SDGs but also from new viewpoints of disaster prevention and wellness.