Masaru Suzuki's exhibition "Heads and tails of textiles -Looking through the overlays-".

Textile designer Masaru Suzuki's exhibition "Textiles front and back -Looking through the overlays-" will be held from March 16 (Sat) to March 31 (Sun), 2024, at five venues in Kyoto, including Musubi Kyoto Store.

The main venue, Gallery Space NEUTRAL (Horikawa Shinbunka Bldg. 2F), will present an updated version of the "no front and back" double-sided silkscreen print textiles presented at last year's exhibition at Karimoku Commons Tokyo. Inspired by the caricatures of birds, beasts, and human figures in the Otomaki scrolls of the National Treasure of Kosanji, the textiles are a fusion of the traditional and the modern. The exhibition will be filled with one-picture-like textiles that can only be created by digital printing with no repeating patterns and that are over 30 meters in length.

In addition to this venue, four satellite venues (ARIA KYOTO STORE, Kanon interior fabrics, Karimoku Commons Kyoto, and Musumi Kyoto Store) will exhibit and sell works and new items created in collaboration with Masaru Suzuki under different themes.
In addition, a talk event titled "How textiles are made" will be held at the Kyoto Culture Museum on Wednesday, March 27 at 6:00 p.m.

The location of each exhibition site can be viewed from each site (google map).
Also, we have included some recommendations for places to visit in Kyoto by the organizers. We hope you will find it useful.