Behind-the-scenes story of kata kata hand carving

Our new collection's exhibition is now happining!

It includes the new collections of kata kata.

Both our product development team and kata kata were thinking of dinasaurs as a new design.

They thought it must be marvelous if dinasaurs are dipicted by dynamic lines that kata kata creates, they think like that.

As well as that, the dinasaur is an ideal icon because families often come visit our stores.

at the meeting with kata kata
at the meeting with kata kata

The remarkable charm of "kata kata MUSUBI" is lively animals.
The sense of liveliness is hidden in the powerful lines which make animals spring out of a pice of paper.

stencils by kata kata

kata kata is an artist unit of stencil dyeing and they always carve the stencils by themselves by hand and dye.
The hand carved stencil is also used to dye MUSUBI furoshiki despite it requires mass production.

The animals of kata kata come up lively thanks to this hand process.
This results in an unique sense of handcrafts.

hedgehog stencil
The plants around are carved with the greatest care.

By the way, this is the stencil of another new animal!
Some of you may have it as a pet. They are small and adorable.