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  • Media Information - Musubi in the Magazine “Saison d’Eriko” Vol.7

    Media Information - Musubi in the...

    Eriko Nakamura who was anchorwoman of Fuji Television network in Japan. she has lived in France about 15years? She writes between Paris and Japan’s report in the magazine. She picked...

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  • Media information - PLAYTOKYO

    Play Tokyo is a video project featuring new and exciting ways to enjoy Tokyo. Musubi was featured on PLAYTOKYO! Broaden “FUROSHIKI MAGIC”!!

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    Media information - PLAYTOKYO
  • NHK WORLD “Kawaii International”

    NHK WORLD “Kawaii International”

    HelloWe’d like to announce Media information. TV program showNHK WORLD “Kawaii International”Episode #68 Wrap it, Twist it, create it!August 25 Fri 0:30/6:30/13:30/18:20 (JST) “Furoshiki” is very popular to young people...

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