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What if the shipping address is Japan?

*Prices displayed on our website are tax-excluded. As a general rule, the Japanese consumer tax is added when we ship domestically within Japan.

1. Shop at MUSUBI Online

2. Please fill out the following and email us.

1.Product name 
2.Product code
3. Quantity
4. Your name
5. Email address
6. Shipping address
7. Payment option


What is the size (How to use) of a furoshiki?

Please see the following

Can I sell all product to online store?

You can sell physical retail store annd your online store except for Mina perhonen is forbidden to sell online store.

Do all products are wholesale price?

Yes. But It is established price for books.

Is there a possibility that the product will be discontinued?

Yes. We need the product will be discontinied. We update each time.

Can I view the Instractional DVD out side of Japan?

The DVD should be compatible with all region codes. It works with NTSC video format - Otherwise, there maybe difficulties.

Can I get brouche/catalog?

Please acccess to YAMADA SEN-I HP to see the catalog and you can download them.

Terms and conditions

Do you have Minimum LOT?

Orders starting from 50,000yen and above per times. (Notes):It will be cancel if there are out of stocks. We will send the detail to your registered address. *In this case, Invoice is not included those product. *You can settlement if order price are less than 50,000yen.

Spend at least 200,000 Yen and save 4%
Spend 400,000 Yen or more and save 8%

Do you wholesale if we don't have physical retail store?

Yes. You can tell us your online store URL when you are registered your account.

Is it possible to return it?

You can't return the goods when making it a stain and damage after arrival of goods by a customer.
please accept it’s sometimes different from a picture of goods and an actual ogle.

Please make a contact to the following within 14 days if it is defective goods. It’s unused goods only.

When you can't ship it off within 14 days, Is is new or unused state, to return of goods, the repayment of the sales price when buying it, and the present selling price can't be repaid.


How do I pay?

Acceptable forms of payment include credit card or bank transfer.
*Please see Payment the detail.

Shipping Information

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship to countries in Asia, Europe, America etc.
*We can't to ship if some countries will have limited for shipping

How long does it take for deliver?

It depends on transporter company and country rules. We will tell you tracking number when we ship.
Please ask to transportation company directly, We can not take responsibility when all deliveries in your country.

How much is shipping?

It depend on order of weight and desitination country.
(Ex:In case of EMS /As of March 2017) 5kg: Asia 8,000yen Europe 11,500yen USA 10,600yen
*Please see Shipping and taxes the detail


Do you have physical retail store?

Yes. Our physical store is located in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Where is the operationg company?

YAMADA SEN-I Co.,Ltd Kyoto Japan
*Please see About Us