A New Tradition for Mother's Day

Pink carnations, which symbolize a mother's undying love, were a popular choice.
Having said that, giving your mother what she likes, whether that's roses, orchids, lilies or other blooms are also brilliant choices, of course.
Regardless of the history that the flowers have traditionally given in pastel shades for Mother's Day, if she prefers bright jewel tones, a bouquet composed of blooms in bright colors is much more likely to fill her heart with more happiness.

Would furoshiki be able to take its place among Mother's Day gifts? Perhaps, it can be wow-worthy. 
You may plan to gift a message card with flowers or a small gift like usual.
We'd like to suggest you to update your gift just a little bit.

Even if you are too busy or too distant to send a bouquet of fresh flowers, flower patterned furoshiki got your back! It's capable of taking over the role. It is low maintenance, but brilliant enough. Nothing is complicated, and more importantly it's reusable.
If you are a gifting-flower person, how about adding an edgy vibe by dressing your blooms in floral print furoshiki?


Flower Patterns

cohare: 45cm(17.72"), 70cm(27.56")
Hime Musubi Adeline Klam: 100cm(39.37"), 70cm(27.56"), 50cm(19.69")

Little flower bouquets, the camellia and citrus flower in pale shades with a French essence, the bright peonies....
Florals have played a role throughout human history whilst the meaning of flowers varies depending on the countries.
For instance, in Japan, red camellias has a meaning of "the modest virtue" whereas white camellias mean "the perfection of beauty".
The language of flowers is a form of communication. Japan, in particular, has been associated with flower-giving culture.

As a scarf

French linen and soft coloured dahlias

Flower Wrapping

Left: 100% Organic Cotton.
Right: 100% Cotton.

Let furoshiki bloom

Only one piece of furoshiki can make a flower and leaves. Check the variations of flower wrappings.