New Kyoto Store Display

Musubi Kyoto Store has renewed the interior display.

Water-repellent furoshiki in 100cm (39.37in) size are welcoming you.

You can see a variety of water-repellent furoshiki not only on the wall and table but also on the ceiling.
100cotton water-repllent 100mina water-repllent

The animal motifs which has been designed with a stencil dyeing artist team "kata kata" are embellishing the table at the back of store.

Linen and Minä Perhonen collections that are recommended for using as a fashion item.

* Selling minä perhonen series online is not allowed in accordance with the contract.
100 MUSUBI LINEN | Dahlia Cream

As a scarf.
Big flowers which in different shapes and colors change their expressions depending on the way you wrap and what you wrap with the well-considered design.

The more you wash, the softer it gets.
*French Linen

Both Japan-like plain and double-face furoshiki are aligned like a wave on the wall.
It's just a single cloth, but able to gussy up the space.