Sakura and Spring in the air
Sakura and Spring in the air
Sakura; cherry blossoms are gradually slipping out of spring. However, they hit full bloom on furoshiki throughout a year.

Let's look into furoshiki which has a word "Sakura" in their names!

Modern-girl Sakura 70cm (27.56in) Furoshiki Bag Rings Sakura 70cm (27.56in)
modern girl ring bag sakura
Koetsu Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing 70cm (27.56in) Rayon Chirimen Koyomi 68cm (26.77in)
Kouetsu Chirimen Sakura Rayon Chirimen Sakura


3 sizes for Polyester Amunzen Reversible | Fine Sharkshin Pattern / Sakura

45cm(17.7in), 70cm(27.56in), 90cm(35.43in)






Double-sided cotton furoshiki

One is weeping cherry trees, and another one is cherry blossoms
isa monyo isa monyo
fuku musubi fuku musubi
Top shelf: Isa monyo Reversible | Weeping Cherry Tree
Bottom shelf: Fuku Musubi | Cherry Blossom/Wave
furoshiki bag
For yourselves, for kids, for gifts.

Sakura Gauze Hand Towel and Handkerchief

gauze handtowel gauze towel