When is Easter Sunday 2022 ?

Easter Sunday will fall on Sunday April 17 in 2022. Easter can be celebrated between 22 March and 25 April in relation to the Paschal Full Moon.
I remember Easter in 2019 have fallen late, too.
The reason why the memory still has been stuck in my head is because I attended a mass at church in order to sing in the choir back then.
I'm pretty sure it was a cloudy chilly Sunday.

In 1943, however, Easter Sunday did not arrive until on Sunday April 25 because the last ecclesiastical full moon preceding the Paschal did not take place until Saturday March 20.

We will see Easter Sunday fall this late again after more than a decade.

The point is that we got tons of time to prepare for Easter.
You'll see supermarkets, pharmacies or any other stores arranging a bunch of chocolate eggs and sweet goodies in this season. (My favorite is hot cross buns, tho.)
To be honest, I'm not sure why the chocolate Easter Eggs appeared, but many people in Japan enjoy eating the chocolate Easter Eggs and Bunnies.
48 Animal COCHAE
Let's make the chocolates more joyful in these Dogs and Cats furoshiki.
For kids in particular, it will be more fun this way.
Size: 48cm (18.89in)
(No rabbit from this range. Sorry...)

Furoshiki which has bright color schemes in size 70cm would be suitable when bringing the hot buns or wines for Easter Sunday.
Adeline KLAM
Hime musubi Adeline KLAM
Size: 50cm(19.68in), 70cm(27.55in), 100cm(39.37in)

Plus, the pastel colors are phenomenally appealing especially for the younger generations.
Easter has been one of the festive seasons in Japan from a few years ago.

In my book, furoshiki bags with bunny patterns which are nicely colored for Easter would be lovely for the Egg Hunt instead a basket.
mina perhonen
Speaking of Easter, it's springtime.
We are expecting the Covid restrictions to be eased thanks to the warm weather, and we could feel a little more comfortable heading to a reunion or travelling.