Let's get ready for Valentine’s Day with furoshiki wrapping.

February 14th is traditionally a celebration of love.
You probably would celebrate even if you don't know that much about its history.

On the wide range of furoshiki list, you'll find unique ideas for him and her.
For a small box sized 10cm square(3.93) or candy can, 45-50cm(17.71-19.68in) furoshiki would be helpful.
It's small, but even a flower blooms on it.
flower wrapping
If you gift a perfect assorted cookie box or a bottle of wine, how about 70cm(27.55in) ?

After your loved one unwrapped it, furoshiki itself will also be a beautiful gift.
Plus, isn't it lovely if you tell him/her other ways of using furoshiki?
70 Hime musubi Adeline KLAM
70 Hime musubi Adeline KLAM70 Hime musubi Adeline KLAM
Furoshiki in size bigger than 70cm (27.55in) turn into a bag as well.

Some people say red is the colour of love since red is the colour of blood and fire.
Do you associate it with love?
If your answer is yes, it would be a great idea to choose furoshiki with red colour for your Valentine's gift wrapping.

50 Hare tsutsumi | Diagonal Bicolor Red
Happy Valentine's day!