New collections

Available from February 1st in Japan time 

1. Water-repellent Recycle

Size 100cm/39.4in

recycle polyester


55% of polyester for the product is renewed as a reclycled polyester by using polyester fibers such as discarded uniforms for the weft of the fabric.
However, the durable of water repellence is the same between recycled polyester and previous polyester.

recycle polyester new designs

New designs

The paper belt is also renewed! 
paper belt

2. Rayon Chirimen Koyomi

Size 68cm/26.8in

Rayon koyomi

New colors

Why Rayon?

Rayon crape was originally made by imitating silk and has a better hand feel than polyester crape, and rayon, which is recycled from wood pulp as the main raw material, is once again attracting attention in the current eco-conscious stream.
You can dry-clean.  

3. Haregi-tsutsumi

Size 150cm/59.1in

The new design "Chrysanthemum Yellow" is created without being hung up on the stereotype that the kimonos for celebration should be red or pink colors. This focuses more on what looks good on you as the traditional auspicious patterns remain as it is.

See Haregi-tsutsumi  

4. Kimono-tsutsumi

Size 150cm/59.1in

kimono tsutusmi

The new design "Bird and Flower Chintz" creates a traditional and exotic vibe by its arabesque patterns. Please look at the birds on each of the four corners; they have different expressions. The arabesques and birds are beautifully displayed when wrapped as well as unfolded. It is suitable for a home décor.

See Kimono-tsutsumi  

5. Silk Chirimen and Silk Uzura Chirimen

Size  45cm/17.7in and 68cm/26.8in

Silk Chirimen
silk Chirimen silk Chirimen
Silk Uzura Chirimen
Silk Uzura Chirimen Silk Uzura Chirimen

Getting back the dignity for Silk Furoshiki

It is not overexaggerate that silk was a king of Furoshiki.
It is, however, less used in these days because people's lifestyles have changed.
Colors that are easier to adopt to the daily occasions are added to get you known its traits and authenticity.

New colors from Silk Chirimen 

  • Red
  • Gray
  • Ecru

    New colors from Silk Uzura Chirimen 

  • Beige
  • Light Blue
  • Cherry Blossom

  • Chirimen and Uzura Chirimen?

    “Chirimen” or Crepe, material has a peculiar unevenness but is fluffy to the touch. The weave has a right twist and then a left twist of two yarns on the woof. It makes an elegant gloss silk and has a deep color. Uzura Chirimen has a dynamic uneven surface by a particular weaving way using a lot of silk threads.

    Silk collection  


    6. Tokolo Musubi | PPP Karakusa Gray

    Size 100cm/39.7in

    tokolo gray

    New color "Gray" is added to Tokolo Musubi.
    This is a collaboration between MUSUBI and Artist Asao Tokolo. The representative design of Tokolo is PPP (Piecing Pieces Pattern) makes it possible to make design with any combination piece by piece.