Father's Day Gift

Father's Day was originally born in Washington, the US in 1909. It is said that the beginning of Father's Day was triggered by one father who raised up 6 children all by himself.
Mother's Day had just started, but there wasn't a day for fathers back then.
After the father passed away, his daughter thought that there should be Father's Day to show an appreciation to fathers, and started to celebrate within a church service.

Father's Day is the third Sunday of June in Japan, USA, UK, etc. That means Father's Day is 19 June this year.
However, it is not the same for many other countries.
For example, South Korea which is located next to Japan celebrate on the 8th of May as a day for appreciation to parents.
Taiwan -which is also a nearby country of Japan- celebrate father's day on the 8th of August in relation to the pronunciation of both "8" and "father" while Hong Kong and China celebrate it on the same day as Japan.

The first Sunday of September for Australia and the second Sunday of November for Sweden.
Interestingly, it is enacted by a saint in Italy, and it is the 19th of March which is the day of husband (Giuseppe) of saint Mary.
Saints are allotted to every single day in Italy.

In Germany, rumor has it fathers drink beer all day long drifting from bar to bar on Father's Day the first Thursday from the 6th Sunday after the Easter.

Depending on where you are or where you are from, it seems there are a variety of Father's Day gifts.

104cm (40.94in) Cotton Reversible Solid Color

Cotton Reversible Solid Color
Cotton Reversible Solid Color
A single piece of fabric is dyed from both sides to ensure that the colors of the reverse and front sides do not permeate each other. Double-sided dyeing, particularly plain color, is a delicate process and requires highly skilled workmanship. There is a single color range of this size 104cm (40.94in)
How about wrapping a large bottle of champagne or wine like 1.5Lt (50.72oz) and gifting to your father? It may be a new experience for him!


When you want to wrap bigger gifts

There are 3 large size ranges for the plain color Shantung Furoshiki.
It is said that one-third the length of the diagonal of furoshiki is the best object to be wrapped.
130cm(51.2im) / 170cm(66.9in) / 195cm(76.8in)



Gifting furoshiki

If your father likes Japanese goodies or something which is not the same as anyone else, it will be a great idea to gift furoshiki itself.

For fathers who like reading books, wrapping books with furoshiki is may be attractive because it turns into a book cover after unwrapped.
Isa-monyo has two sizes: 48cm(18.9in) and 104cm(40.9in)


Tokolo musubi was jointly developed by artist Asao Tokolo @tokolocom and us, Musubi.

He designed the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic emblems.
There are two sizes: 50cm(19.7in), 100cm(39.37in)


Light, Casual and Stylish

Furoshiki which can be easily blended with your father's styling or room.

The furoshiki which comes with a paper strip that can introduce you how to use it on the reverse side will make a fresh conversation between you two.
The following furoshiki are all 100cm(39.37in) size.
Nobuyuki Takai is a dye artist who is very good at pattern dyeing, and Masaru Suzuki is a textile designer who works with various companies.


MUSUBI LINEN Nobuyuki Takai
takai some takai some nojo
Double-Face Masaru Suzuki
masaru red masaru green