Are you looking to treat your mom to something special?

Unlike Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, Mothering Sunday falls on different dates in different countries every year.
Mother's Day 2023 is on Sunday, May 14 here in Japan and some other countries.

Furoshiki, a type of wrapping cloth that transforms ordinary moments into something special.
Probably, people reached out here have heard of Furoshiki.
You may be even familiear with furoshiki as a decorative cloth for home.

It is simple, but you may think it is too complicated to use as a wrapping cloth because there are too many ways to enjoy it.

Wrap your feelings in Furoshiki with the simplest way of wrapping.

Errand furoshiki wrapping + A small card

polyester chirimen

45 Polyester Chirimen 17.7″

errand wrapping

Here is the best size list.

You will surprise your loved one and bring a smile!

flower wrapping

Flower wrapping with a tape ribbon for an alternative idea

There is something special in a gift with furoshiki wrap.
If you ever experienced receiving it, you would understand how it feels different.

The knot of furoshiki conveys your thankfulness and love.
It may be a matter of sensous Japanese culure which doesn't express something directly in words.