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We are doing a silk furoshiki giveaway!

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A piece of Silk Furoshiki will be combined together if you place an order during the campaign. Please log in if you have a business customer's account when you place an order in order to entry!

21 Days of giveaway

  • 2pm, Dec.15 - 3pm, Jan.4 (GMT)
  • 9am, Dec. 15 - 10am, Jan.4 (EST)
  • 11pm, Dec. 15 - 12am, Jan.5 (JST)

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    ||| Notes |||
    * The size and type are chosen randomly.
    * Available on first-come-first-served basis.
    * The furoshiki may slightly vary from the actual products.
    * Business customers only

    silk Chirimen Silk furoshiki is very classic and basic for furoshiki culture. However, I reckon only a few people have an opportunity to feel it.

    Silk Furoshiki?

    The texture, weight, appearance and the way of weaving are different depending on the type.

    Silk Chirimen Silk Uzura Chirimen
    silk Chirimen Silk Uzura Chirimen

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