We had an immersive furoshiki event from June 17 to 19 at 3331 ARTS Chiyoda in Tokyo, which was former junior high school. The venue was reborn as an art space in 2010, the space is a nostalgic classroom.
Furoshiki has a strong interaction with sustainability.

Our purpose on this event is conveying how furoshiki would be a game-changer for you and the environment while guests experience furoshiki. It will enrich your life.

art chiyoda

On the first day, a hundred people visited one after another from the morning.
A total of 535 people visited the exhibition over the three days.
Many people of all ages, from small children to high school students, college students, and the elderly, come visited us.
We introduced things that are doable with furoshiki throughout the latest 17 ways to use furoshiki .

What is furoshiki for "now now" people?

1. Friend of raising children

2. Disaster prevention for babies

3. Furoshiki does not just appear in textbooks

4. For an universal yoga method

5. As an alternative to shopping bags

6. Help for protecting the ocean

7. Taking actions friendly to human health and environment

8. Furoshiki for school education

9. Celebrating the first birthday with Furoshiki

10. The Japanese gift method spreading around the world

11. Japanese wisdom and heart beyond the border

12. As a reserch target of long-established company

13. Celebratint mother's day with a sustainable product

14. Connecting fans and players

15. Enjoy nature with Furoshiki

16. Spreading the legacy of olympic games

17. Cartoons help to spread Furoshiki all over the world

These are printed on furoshiki and were shown at the venue. Since it is furoshiki, it is reusable of course.
Please look for those furoshiki posters in the photos.

All the 6 free-of-charge workshops were fully booked.
Students from elementary school to adults took the "How to Use Furoshiki for SDGs" workshop. The lecture introduced basic knots essential for furoshiki, furoshiki bags that change various ways, and wrapping methods that can wrap gifts of any shape.

It might be a bit surprising, but Furoshiki is very new for the most of Japanese people although the people in the past were used to it.


For kids, in particular, it must be a try into the unknown.
Our little guests enjoyed creating their only one furoshiki in the world using small-scrappy-furoshiki-stickers.
Furoshiki, a simple square piece of cloth, brought out the children's full of imagination.