Christmas Gift Wrapping for the next-generation

Seeking for Eco-friendly Christmas

One day someone -let's call him Mr. Zero here- was looking for what to gift for the next Christmas.

Mr. Zero uses wrapping papers, stickers and ribbons for Christmas wrapping every year.
However, he has been feeling sad since he knew the facts of Christmas wastes.
He loves Christmas and its festive vibe, but he doesn't want to pollute his planet by what he loves and gifts for his loved ones.

And he was thinking, what can be used as an alternative.

furoshiki wrap

He finally bumped into Furoshiki from Japan.

Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional cloth which was originally used for wrapping valuables about 1200 years ago, but it's regaining the popularity as people's environmental awareness growing.

He learnt lots of narratives come along with its long history not only that it is just a square cloth.
(We will talk about this story later)

What he found good about Furoshiki is that it ties people's bonds.
As well as that, it can be used for other purposes after it's unwrapped.

He checked how to use online as well as books and tried Furoshiki wrapping for the first time in his life!

It's surprisingly easy and he made a decision to use Furoshiki to wrap Christmas gifts.

furoshiki wrap
The size of the box: 10cm square

On the Christmas Eve, he gave a gift with a Furoshiki wrap to his friend, and wrapped it around his friend's neck.

furoshiki wrap

His friend was moved and treasured it as well as the gift. Mr. Zero and his friend made a great memory.

Recommended product for both wrapping and scarf

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Christmas wrapping paper waste facts