Kyoto Virtual Design Fair featuring Konkai-Komyoji Temple

When online you are connected to people all over the world.
It gets the job done for sure.

There is a new virtual exhibition at Konkai-Komyoji Temple (くろ谷 金戒光明寺).
It is in Kyoto and we are taking part.
You will see merchandise displayed very nicely there and you can even explore Konkai-Komyoji Temple.
- Kyoto Virtual Design Fair featuring Konkai-Komyoji Temple
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Since the state of emergency was declared in some areas in Japan - Kyoto, where we are located, is not an exception - I have become an avid supporter of Netflix more than ever.
I am most likely to spend my spare time on weekends with online conversation clubs drinking copious cups of coffee.
Netflix here again.
We talk about that which we have watched and what we should watch next. ( somehow I cannot become knowledgable about coffee, though I spend a lot of money and time on it! )

Maybe, we will have a lot in common and we can talk about it when we see each other in person again because we all are very well connected now and topics to be shared have been in prepared.
No doubt we will miss offline activities, though!