Winter Attire  Ready for winter with wool Furoshiki

 minä perhonen is a fashion brand and also products original textile designs.
If you are familiar in "Sumoi",
I think it makes sense.

"minä" is in Finnish as the pronoun “I” is in English.
The word “perhonen” means butterfly in English, ChouChou (蝶々)in Japanese.

Minä Perhonen

In 1995, the designer Akira Minagawa established his brand for women's fashion "minä".

They mainly use the motifs of butterflies, plants and nature.
Each one of their original textiles have its own name.
They participated in Paris Fashion Week in 2004.

Even Furoshiki can be a blanket or scarf if it's 100cm size (39.37in). 
Minä Perhönnen Wool is ideal for a winter fashion-furoshiki.

100 mina perhonen Wool | flower basket Green Mix

It's made of 100% wool. It's thin, light and soft.
You are unlikely to feel prickly even if you don't like the touch of wool.

100 mina perhonen Wool | flower basket Yellow Mix

We have different pattern "snow candle". Both color and touch are soft.
2 colorways are available. 


It can be a bag, blanket and scarf. They are suitable for a fashion item since the textile design is sophisticated. Please enjoy the versatility. 

100 mina perhonen Wool furoshiki comes with a special box.
So it's nice as a winter gift.

The brand symbol of the butterfly pattern is printed inside the package.

**It is not allowed to sell online with a contract between Musubi and minä perhonen. 
Please sell sell only from physical stores.