Fashion for everyone

I reckon you've probably wondered if men can use furoshiki that you find lots of photos or examples that are cut off the scenes which show women use furoshiki.
If so, we are sorry!
We need to say aloud that furoshiki is for everyone!
Actually, Furoshiki has been used by everyone as an essential back then no matter what your gender.
We'd like to introduce a role of furoshiki as a fashion item, and mainly how men dress up with.

A Furoshiki Ribbon Bag is suitable carry a laptop and some notebooks/books.
The shape of the bag is smart and how the patterns look like on the bow and bag is visually enjoyable.

Ribbon Bag 
How to make a Ribbon bag

MUSUBI+ Check in size 100cm (39.37in) is easy to match with any casual stylings.

Let's check 104 Isa monyo Reversible next.
Isa-monyo has double-sided fabric prints with the same patterns on both sides but in different colors, and it make it look good even the inside.
"Simple bag" is the most easiest way to make a furoshiki bag.
A simple bag which is made in the size bigger than 90cm has a large capacity and very useful.
How about bring it with you when you grocery shopping or go to gym.
Also, it is fun to choose the pattern which match with your occasion or what you wish.

Both of the above furoshiki are made out of cotton.
If you'd like to add a little more dash of uniqueness, how about choosing Linen?
Linen Furoshiki gets softer as often as use and wash. How about using as a scarf when it gets soft?
It is said that linen is the most durable of all the natural fibers, so using as a bag is also one of the best options.
100 MUSUBI LINEN Nobuyuki Takai
See Line Furoshiki

Not only furoshiki that are introduced on this post, but also other ones are usable for everyone.
Please enjoy selecting the one you like.