Welcome a new year

When you welcome a new year, what do you give for your room decorations and what do you gift to people around you?

The Yuzen dyeing Tiger furoshiki from the Chinese Zodiac Sign series is recommended for a wall décor for a new year.

size: 68cm (26.8") 68 Polyester DC Yuzen | Tiger

The year of 2022 is said to be a year of birth and growth.
The image of the upper half is the sly and universe, then the image of the waterside is depicted on the lower part.
The powerful tiger and other shining stars and planets, and growing plants symbolizes "freshness", "power", and "dynamism".

This material is very light, and pearly ink is applied here and there. You can display it in a frame, or give it as a present.

Speaking of a new year, "hopes" cannot be ignored.
Let's take a look at Furoshiki which come along with "福" (ふく・FUKU) 
FUKU means ”good fortune, good luck and wealth"

1. Fuku COCHAE
This is a popular series represents good fortune which was created by collaborating with a design team “COCHAE”. It’s perfect for wrapping a wine bottle, Oju-box and cake box.

size: 70cm (27.5") 
Wrapping up, rolling down, Happiness is coming up!

The motifs are dyed using the plates which are cut out of by hand with paper cutting techniques. 


2. Fuku Musubi

size: 48cm(
18.9″) and 104cm(40.9″)
These are designed to invite happiness(Fuku) and form connection between  people(Musubi).  Wishing you a right relationship and human bonding which result in a good luck.

 For more special occasions, how about silk Furoshiki?

Silk is one of the most classical materials for furoshiki. It has been used for ceremonial occasions such as weddings and funerals etc.... It is said that silk has the same protein as people do. So it's harmless and people-friendly. 

See Silk Furoshiki

Wishing you a happy new year!