Impress your loved one with Flower Wrapping!

Have you ever heard of Furoshiki wrapping?
If you stop by here once in a while, probably you have.

Furoshiki is a Japanese square cloth which has been used in Japan for more than 1200 years.
It is said that “Tsutsumi” – let’s call it as the predecessor of Furoshiki - was used to keep valuables wrapped in it in the Nara period (710-794).
Furoshiki History:

Nowadays, Furoshiki started to be regarded as a re-usable wrapping cloth.
“Flower Wrapping” is one of the most impressive way to wrap gifts although there are many ways to wrap things with Furoshiki.
The reason why it's called "Flower Wrapping" is that a flower blooms on the top and even leaves come along.
Flower Wrapping
Flower Wrapping -

There are two ways to make “Flower Wrapping”.
One is made with only one Furoshiki, and another is made with a Furoshiki and an elastic band.
Please check how it’s like on YouTube.

Take a look around the place where you are right now, and you may see things that would have destiny that go to a garbage bin sadly.
How about reconsidering how we can reduce wastes while enjoying a moving experience.

Surprise your partner, friends, family or colleagues with your own “Flower Wrapping”!