Let's go camping with furoshiki!

COVID-19 vaccines help to return life to normal. People are getting back to normal life gradually in some countries. We are getting ready to travel around. Have you ever used furoshiki for outdoor activities? Let’s check a new camping style with furoshiki on YouTube. The world is reopening!

Water-repellent furoshiki is capable of carrying water. Probably, it is the most ideal furoshiki for camping.

Go check water-repellent furoshiki

100cm can cover a table as well as that you can wrap it around your waist and use it as a apron.

Linen furoshiki in size 100cm will bring the crisp air and lovely vibes.

Go check 100cm Linen furoshiki

How about attaching 50cm size furoshiki to your backpack to help carry small stuff? Also, 50cm turns out a cup sleeve.

Art brut Tokolo Musubi

TOKOLO MUSUBI is a collaboration furoshiki between MUSUBI and Artist Asao Tokolo. Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic emblems are designed by him.