Furoshiki meets KPOP

We got news that one of the KPOP stars uses Furoshiki -보자기(bojagi)/보따리(bottari) in Korean-.

Maybe you have heard of "Stray Kids".
He is one of the member from the group called "Lee Know".

People around him make fun of him because he looks like a grandpa when he uses Furoshiki.
It is said that fans created a hushtag #보따리노 (bottaLeeKnow) playing with his name.
Most of Japanese people also see furoshiki is quaint and old-fashioned.

The size of furoshiki he uses looks quite big.
Is it 104cm? 130cm or 150cm?

We hardly can connect the image of furoshiki to KPOP.
However, we are absolutely happy from the view of a Furoshiki maker to see him using furoshiki.

Does anyone know why he got into Furoshiki(보따리) by any chance?

보자기(bojagi)/보따리(bottari) are often seen on K-drama, especially on Historical TV series although
there are few people use it in daily life in Korean as well as Japan.

"Bojagi have played an important role in traditional Korean culture and have been used to wrap,
carry and store objects as well as for religious rituals and marriages."

ref. What is Bojagi?

It sounds like the same thing as Furoshiki, yet the narrative behind the history is different from Japan.
If you are interested in, please do google it.

We hope he will recognize furoshiki from MUSUBI, and enjoy 보따리(bottari) from Japan as well.

It is no exaggeration to say that Furoshiki might be able to connect countries all over the world.
I feel like I found out a hope that it can be a bridge of peace between countries in Furoshiki.

Thank you Lee Know!

Please keep using 보따리(bottari) !

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