~Hanging Furoshiki "Cochae"~

 Did you know that there is “Hanging Cochae Furoshiki” from one of the popular series “Cochae”?

Look! Can you see the bat ? That's actually furoshiki!

(※The picture from Musubi Furoshiki art exhibition : @tacky723 )


You can use as a bag, as an interior item in your room, or even for gift wrapping!

Take it like your cute pets!

The hanging furoshiki can will be a cute animal just by tying simply.

~ Let’s see how it will be with the sloth design~



It looks like there are 2 sloths in both sides. What happen if you tie the furoshiki and make a bag ?!


  • Turn over the furoshiki, make a triangle, and tie both side.
  • Turn it over again, and you can see the face.
  • Tie the top, and complate!

If you arrage the shape ….

A cute sloth came out! It’s so cute, isn’t it?

Actually, there is other sleeping sloth on the back…


There is also bat design which is great item for Halloween

Monkey design


Hang these “Hanging furoshiki” in your store. It will be a great display !

The furoshiki swing gently so that you can see it from far.

 These hanging furoshiki also would be loved by everyone from kids to adults!



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