Let's celebrate with Furoshiki!

 We would like to introduce celebration furoshiki "Haretsutsumi" series.

In Japan, furoshiki has been used in so many celebrated situations, and it brings happiness to people.

"Haretsutsumi" series is often used for celebrated situations.

1. Pine, Bamboo, Plum

This beautiful design is an auspicious patterns of the representative of “pine, bamboo and plum”.



2. Checker design


3. Diagonal Bicolor 

In Japan, the combination with red and white color represent celebration.

We made navy color ver. as a new item too.


4. Treasures pattern 

At first glance it may look like a simple red dot pattern, but look a little closer and you'll see that the pearl pigments form the "treasures".

This furoshiki is also recommended for wrapping wines or cakes.


5. Karakusa

The exemplary framed pattern changes beautifully depending on the way it's wrapped and what's wrapped inside. 


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