What’s the best furoshiki handles for you?

Furoshiki patchin is very useful accessory which magically transforms Furoshiki into a bag.
Well, you may be not sure which is the best for you.

Let’s look into it with Furoshiki in 70cm size.
Both regular size and mini size of pachins are usable for 70cm(27.55in) Furoshiki.

Item: 70 Isa Monyo Water-Repellent | Heart Vine Vermilion
Regular Price: ¥1,800

There is no big difference on the shapes.
How about the bag capacities?

Both are capable of those items:
1. a pouch
2. a long wallet
3. a folding umbrella
4. a bottle 500ml

However, we found that the bag with a regular size of patchin has more room.

The mouth of the bag is bigger and you can put in and take out your stuff easily when it’s a regular size of patchin.

Having said that we didn’t feel stressful to put in and take out comparatively the bigger item such as the 500ml bottle.

Well… no difference then?
That can’t be true.
Actually, we discovered a big difference!
That was a folding umbrella which is 33cm(12.99in) when it’s fold.

We had to be careful not to get stuck when we take it out.
If a folding umbrella is your essential item, you’ll feel more comfortable with a regular size patchin bag.

・No big difference on the bag shapes.
・A Furoshiki bag with a pair of regular size patchin opens wider than mini size.
・Mini size is sufficient to put small stuff.
・If you bring stuff bigger than 33cm (12.99in) with you, the regular size is highly recommended.

Perhaps, you might be questioning what will happen when the different size of furoshiki is used as a patchin bag.

Furoshiki pachin regular size is suitable for 90cm(35.43in) or 100cm(39.37in) Furoshiki,
It has room to put into a leisure mat in small size in addition to the 4 items above.

▶ How about the capacity of 70cm(27.55in) Furoshiki + Furoshiki bag rings?

A Furoshiki bang ring is capable of:
A small towel, smartphone, small wallet, portable sanitizer and lipstick

How about a Furoshiki patchin bag?
Additionally, you can put a 500ml bottle and wet wipes.

Patchin bag is more suitable for you if you use a long wallet.

We resulted in a furoshiki patchin bag is capable of more stuff even if it's the same furoshiki.

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