The origin of Manga?! ~Choju jinbutsu giga~

 Did you know that there are Choju jinbutsu giga Furoshiki?

First of all, what is Choju jinbutsu giga?

Choju jinbutsu giga (Animal-person Caricatures) is a set of picture scrolls which is called “emakimono” drawn in ink on paper, belonging to Kozan-ji temple in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, designated as a national treasure of Japan.

The free and cheerful style of drawing is known as the origin of modern comics and animations.

Personified frogs, monkeys and rabbits are running lively on the furoshiki, which conveys the breath of the time after 800 years.

Oh look! The monkey holding a Furoshiki! What’s inside??

It’s fun to imagine what the monkey is holding.


We use design officially approved from Kosan-ji Temple.

For now, we have 48cm and 68cm Furoshiki, tea towel, and gauze towel handkerchief of “Choju jinbutsu giga” series.

You can use it as a tapestry, gift wrapping, and bottle wrapping! The animals are cute when it wrapped!

There are English explanation on the package too!

This Choju jinbutsu giga design will be used to Tokyo Olympic 2020 too.

We think it’s a great time to spread this Choju jinbutsu giga to the world.

We are looking forward your order! →HERE