The National Treasure "Frolicking Animals" (国宝 鳥獣戯画のすべて)

All scenes from all four volumes of "Frolicking Animals" is on view for the first time
"Frolicking Animals(鳥獣戯画)" is one of the most famous works in the history of Japanese painting,
and you can find lots of "Frolicking Animals"(鳥獣戯画) furoshiki at Musubi shops including online.

There is a wide range of the size from towels and handkerchief to 48 - 100 cm furoshiki (approx. 27.5 - 39.3 in).

You can see Monkey chasing, Sumo wrestling rabbit vs frogs, etc., on furoshiki.
Humorous animals give a joyful and merriment over 800 years.

You can see the animals trying to prevent the infection on their official website.

Please check our Choju jinbutsu giga(鳥獣戯画) furoshiki!