There used to be a lot of people wearing kimono and walking around Kyoto city before the pandemic.
We merely see people dressed in kimono these days, unfortunately.

If you have a chance to wear kimono, would you like to try?
Or, are you already a fan of kimono by any chance?

"Polyester Amunzen Reversible | Fine Sharkshin Pattern / Sakura" was appeared on the Kimono magazine "美しいキモノ" summer issue.

The furoshiki is light and easy-to-care.

They are displayed like this at Kyoto Musubi store.
Legend has it that Sharkskin Pattern has a meaning of apotropaism and amulet because the shark skin is very stiff and strong, and it is likened to the armor by patterning. 

 You would think it's just a plain cloth when you look at it from distance. However, it is not. The tiny little pattern gives a modest and supple beauty. 

Same-komon鮫小紋 (Sharkskin pattern) itself is also used as kimono. I reckon I don't need to mention Sakura... right?

Japanese people like selecting their clothes and cosmetics by the colors which look good on them these days. Analyzing their own personal colors is kind of a trend in Japan.
it will be more fun this way to select furoshiki depending on your personal colors!