Furoshiki with accessories !

We would like to introduce our convenient Furoshiki Accessary, called

”Furoshiki Patchin.”

You can make a Furoshiki bag with "Patchin" so easily!


These are magnet wood accessories, so you can keep your items safe and clean. Also, it's easy to open and close.

A 90cm size Furoshiki is a perfect size for a bag. If you want to make a small bag, 70cm is good too!



↑These are the popular items being used in the model pictures.


Here is how to use below:

So easy and convenient~!

You can download "how to use video" from here:


Also, here is the video that explains how to make a bag using Patchin.


There are two different sizes and colors.(black walnut & oakwood)


If you would like to know more details, or order this item, click blow: