Cochae Furoshiki!

Today we're going to introduce the small Furoshiki "Cochae series."

Cochae are very unique and cute Furoshiki.

You can enjoy more than one pattern from the same Furoshiki.

If you change the side of the wrap, you can enjoy two or three different designs!

The size of this Furoshiki is 50cm, so you can use it for lunchboxes or a tissue box arrangement.

The designs show Japanese tradition and culture, so this series is also a great item as a souvenir from Japan!

Here is how to wrap it (you can download it by clicking the link below)

You can enjoy these furoshiki by hanging on your wall, by wrapping, and many other smaller unique and convenient ways!

We have an English pop for sales promotion.

You can use it to promote these products both in physical stores and online stores.

You can download it from below:

The Cochae series has so many different unique and fun designs and sizes!

If you would like to order, or know more about this "Cochae series", click here: