A-real-furoshiki-user who is one of the most famous Figure Skaters

Have you ever heard of "Mao Asada(浅田真央)"?
She was a professional figure skater from Japan.

She is actually a-real-furoshiki-user. She used to carry her costumes wrapped with Furoshiki - it seemed that she used Kyo-karakusa furoshiki- back in the days.

The reason why I talked about her is that she learned new furoshiki wrapping on a YouTube program. 

She mainly tried wrapping Japanese sake, and tried the following three wrapping techniques in total.

- Bottle Wrapping
- Two-Bottle Wrapping
- Odekake Bag

She looked amazed by how the looks changes after wrapping as well as the versatility. 

single bottle wrapping

 Bottle Wrapping

 Two-bottle wrapping

Two-Bottle Wrapping

70cm is an ideal size for bottle wrapping.
It looks different when you wrap a box. Furoshiki is developed considering how it will look in several ways of wrapping. 

70 Koetsu Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing | Sakura Green

70 Koetsu Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing | Sakura Green 


 Lastly, she tried "Odekake Bag" to wrap a box. 

Odekake bag

70 Modern-girl | Japanese Apricot Red

 Odekake Bag
70 Modern-girl | Japanese Apricot Red 


Even for Japanese people, Furoshiki is very new and a few people know how to use it. In other words, everyone can use furoshiki.
It's very easy and fun to learn. Next thing you know, you'll be into it.
Please enjoy wrapping with her on YouTube!