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100 Water-Repellent Cotton Yumeji Takehisa Lily Navy Blue

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Product Description

This was designed by “Yumeji Takehisa” who was popular as a Japanese painter and designer in early 1900’s.
Based on the lilies designed by YUMEJI for a book cover was redesigned furoshiki. The bird symbol on the bottom right and the lines around the edge are also motifs designed by Yumeji.
It appears in the knot when it is wrapped. The bird symbol is placed so that it can be seen when wrapping a gift box.
The lily expresses the neatness by an old Japanese expression. Also in Europe, it is a symbol of peace, purity and freedom.
It's a popular flower for wedding bouquets as well. It would be lovely for a gift.

The plain weave sheeting fabric is strong and suitable for carrying stuffs with you.

*comes with a paper strip


Product Details

  • Code: 21115-302
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100㎝ (39.37 ″ x 39.37″)
  • Weight: 169 g.(0.37lbs)
  • Material: 100% organic cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Bag, picnic sheet, bag cover, etc.

Water-repellent Cotton

Water-repellent furoshiki - which is called "AQUQ DROP" - has been very popular in Japan as an " eco-friendly bag ", but only polyester products were available.
We did not want to use plastic products, so we developed a water-repellent furoshiki made from 100% organic cotton.
Thanks to the water-repellent finish, it's unlikely to get dirty so easily and it's easy to dry.
It can be used as a blanket or a scarf because it is 100% cotton and has a pleasant touch.

The water-repellent effect and durability of polyester are stronger than organic cotton.
As with the polyester, the water-repellent finish can be come back by heating with an iron.
*The water-repellent finish diminishes depending on the washing and use frequency.

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