48cm ISA-monyo


104cm ISA-monyo


ISA-monyo Water-repellent


ISA-MONYO laboratory has created numerous unique patterns and designs since the 1940s.
They have more than 3,000 cut panel patterns made of Kakishibu (persimmon tannin).

Our fabric prints are double-sided and use the same pattern. However, each side has its own unique color variation. Truly unique pieces as no two fabrics are exactly the same.
Shantung, which is one of the most popular cottons, is strong enough to carry heavy items. The fabric’s texture will soften after washing.

You will find the colored weaving threads on one side.
This is a feature of the dyeing process and is not a defect.
Each Isa-monyo may look unique as they are handmade by a craftsman.

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