48cm Ukiyo-e



68 cm /26.8″ Ukiyo-e

104cm Ukiyo-e

104cm/40.9″ Ukiyo-e

UKIYO-E is art for the local people which started in Edo-era (江戸時代).
It had focused on drawing everyday life and seasonal sceneries whilst keeping it cultural. UKIYO originally means "the harsh and vulnerable world".

It's fun to select the suitable size imagining what you would do with furoshiki.
104cm furoshiki(40.9inches) suitable for a bag or wall décor.
Wrap a bottle of wine with 68cm(26.7inches) furoshiki and bring it with you not only as a bottle bag but also a gift.
48cm(18.9inches), it's good for everyday use: a lunch box, paper book and so on.
Gauze Pile Handkerchief is also available. You can carry UKIYOE anytime you want !

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Kimono x Furoshiki

How furoshiki are used after wrapping?