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The Furoshiki Bag and Size

Written by MUSUBI WORLD2017


Posted on February 02 2022

size comparison
Let's compare the furoshiki sizes using the Hime Musubi Adeline KLAM collection.
Here is the image of a comparison of 50cm(19.69in), 70cm(27.55in) and 100cm(39.37in).

Surprisingly, 50cm(19.69in) size is capable of a simple bag.
Plus, it is able to use with furoshiki patchin mini.
The capacity of the bag is not so big, but still usable like a small pouch.

70cm(27.55in) makes a good combination with furoshiki accessories.
Both Patching and Ring are looking good.
70cm bag
Needless to say, 100cm(39.37in) has a big capacity, and you can use it as a hanging shoulder bag.