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Notice of New MUSUBI Furoshiki launching

Written by WORLD2017MUSUBI


Posted on October 14 2020

As we posted on Instagram few days ago, new furoshiki will be launched from MUSUBI.
They will be internationally available online very soon !


October 15th, 5pm (JST)

*schedule may change

【What will be available ?】

1. 104 cm kata kata
Sea otter
Price: 3,000 yen (pre-tax)

2. 45cm/70cm Cohare
Mini bouquet
Flower stripe
45cm: 500yen(pre-tax)
70cm: 1000yen(pre-tax)

3. 48cm/104cm Fuku-Musubi
Cherry Blossom/Wave
Gourd/Dragon Scale
Japanese Apricot/Pine and Bamboo
48cm: 800 yen (pre-tax)
104cm: 2,700 yen (pre-tax)

4. MUSUBI ORGANIC Quadruple Layered Gauze Handkerchief
Price:700yen (pre-tax)

*The original prices are shown.

Please come and see our new collection if you haven't checked them out on our Instagram.