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Media Information - Musubi in the Magazine “Saison d’Eriko” Vol.7

Written by MUSUBI WORLD2017


Posted on December 28 2017

Eriko Nakamura who was anchorwoman of Fuji Television network in Japan. she has lived in France about 15years? She writes between Paris and Japan’s report in the magazine. She picked up Furoshiki in “Best gift - My selection” on this magazine.

A magazine featuring FUROSHIKI on its front cover.
・70 Polyester Amunzen Reversible


・70 Modern-girl with Furoshiki Bag Rings

・70 Koetsu Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing

・45 Ulala

・50 COCHAE Origami

She always use Furoshiki for keeping things tidy in a suit case
And to introduce How to use furoshiki modern style on “Best gift - My selection” of page.