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How do you carry your clothing?

Written by MUSUBI WORLD2017


Posted on May 20 2022

Wrapping clothes is maybe one of the classic methods to use furoshiki. It was traditionally used to bring a change of clothes to a public bath, and people changed their clothes on furoshiki sheeting on the floor in the Edo period. It is said that some people put their logo on it not to make it mixed up with others'.

I reckon there are few people follow the tradition now because going to the public bath is uncommon.

old yamada company

Yamada sen-i has been established in 1937 as a manufacture of Furoshiki. You see our building in front on the photo. We're still located on the same place.

For us living now with furoshiki

Having said that, we have the occasions that we have to bring clothes with us, don't we?

Steps of wrapping clothes on a hanger

furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


furoshiki wrapping clothes


We used a dress for kids on the instruction photos above. For the video on our Instagram, we tried to wrap a women's hoodie with 100cm(39.37in) size of furoshiki. Please check our Instagram @musubiglobal to see how to wrap a clothing on a hanger.
I personally tried to wrap two women's wool long coats in one piece of furoshiki, and found only one wool long coat was capable. Please try it out on your own wardrobes!

It can not only help you carry clothes, but also can protect your clothes while they are sleeping in your closet.

Please consider using furoshiki when you face the situation that you have to bring a change of clothes for a party or special occasions. Water-repellent in 100cm(39.37in) is recommended!