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●○ How amazing furoshiki is for your summer trip! ○●

Written by WORLD2017MUSUBI


Posted on July 23 2019

Summer is finally came after the rainy season!

Don't forget to bring furoshiki to your summer trip with you!! Furoshiki is amazing item for traveling. 

①Organize inside the suitcase, and make it cute

MUSUBI+ Check series→

②Wrap your extra baggage and souvenirs.

No worries for buying lots of souvenirs. Furoshiki can wrap it! 

katakata series→

mina perhonen series →


③Take it to the beach !

 Since there are water-repellent furoshiki "AQUA DROP", furoshiki can wrap wet items. Furoshiki is a essential item for beach and sea activity!  


 Have a nice summer with Furoshiki ☆★