Musubi's new arrival ★☆ Part 3 ~France×Japan Furoshiki~

Hime Musubi Adeline Klam

Hime Musubi Adeline Klam” is the new type of Japanese design. MUSUBI collaborate with French designer, Adeline Klam. We made a traditional motif with special unique color contrasts so that you can enjoy beautiful colors by wrapping.

There are 50cm and 100cm, and the material is organic cotton!

Adeline Klam 
She was fascinated by Japanese Washi (traditional paper), and she has produced Yuzen paper by arranging Japanese traditional patterns to modern designs with her extraordinary color sense. She also produced and suggest handmade kits and interior objects using washi.
She opened her first shop “Adeline Klam” in Paris in 2009. People come to her store from all over Europe.Her most well-known books are "l'origami comme par magie" and "LA BIBLE DU PAPIER".