Why isn't it possible to get an auto-quotation on a customized furoshiki?


Because we work together with curated Kyoto-based artisans who are the best match for your Furoshiki.


Because we follow the processes based on the classic style of furoshiki creation.
There are several steps and specialists.


Our Furoshiki Making Flow

1. Screen Creation

2. Color Creation

3. Sampling

4. Sample Confirmation and Toning

5. Dye/Print

6. Steaming

7. Adjusting The Length

8. Washing In Water

9. Finishing Touches

10. Cut and Sew

All our furoshiki follow the same steps.

The product from Yumeji Takehisa

There are two kinds of customization

Looking forward to have your quote request!


The production steps are not as simple as furoshiki, the techniques have been taken over from craftsmen to craftsmen.