20th anniversary of COCHAE Limited-time POP UP at MUSUBI shops
Designer group, Jikuhara Yosuke and Miki Takeda, work on the theme of "Playing with Play." In 2023, in the classic world of origami, they produced graphic origami with key words "Origami is more pop!"
Currently they are conducting a wide range of desgn activities including designing with a new viewpoint, development of toys, workshops at museums and the like.

Origami puzzle "Funny face card" won the Good Design Award in 2008. Since then, he has been a part-time lecture at Kyoto Art and Design University.
The origin of Cochae is cited from the traditional folk song "Okayama Drum Song" (Cochaebushi).
Okayama prefecture is where he is from. The expression "Kacha-e, Kacha-e" is a slang phrase popular in the Tenpo Era and is a musical accompaniement word with multipul meanings.
Some include "Please come here" and "This is good".

portrayt of cochae
artworks of cochae

Award-winning works by COCHAE

  • Origami puzzle 'Funny Face Card' won the Good Design Award (2008)
  • 'Tonton Paper Zumo' (KOKUYO, 2012) selected for Good Toy 2013
  • 'YAMA COFFEE' (ONSAYA, 2015) and 'Beni Daruma' (Sato Beni Shoten, 2017) won the TOP AWARDS ASIA for outstanding packaging design in Asia

The beginning of collaboration between COCHAE and MUSUBI

The collaboration with COCHAE began in 2014.

48 Fuku COCHAE was born with the following catchphrase:
Fun with knotting, fun with unfolding Fun with wrapping, fun-looking
Wrapping up, rolling down, Happiness is coming up!

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48fuku cochae kabuki

48 Animal COCHAE featuring adorable dogs and cats are also available.
The popular series of MUSUBI furoshiki called 'Aqua Drop' -which comes along with water repellent effects- features bat and sloth motifs in the medium size (approx. 70 cm/27.6in.).

cochae all stars


20th anniversary of COCHAE Limited-time events

To celebrate COCHAE's 20th anniversary this year, 'COCHAE 20th Anniversary Fair' be held this autumn.
Limited-time pop up stores at MUSUBI Kyoto and Tokyo stores are being open to the public.

COCHAE at musubi

Introduction of COCHAE

COCHAE at musubi

Artworks by COCHAE

COCHAE at musubi

Products by COCHAE

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Kyoto and MUSUBI Store
Period: 29 Sep - 5 Nov, 2023
open from 11a.m. to 7p.m.

open from 11a.m. to 6p.m.
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